Taliesin Origins: a free video course

So what’s so special about Taliesin’s awen?

During the 20th century, tales of the mythic Taliesin travelled beyond Wales. Today, all over the world, Taliesin is the first point of contact for anyone wanting to explore Celtic mythology in the modern era. Inevitably, this old Welsh myth has evolved into something new, a modern myth that reinvents Taliesin for a different culture. Yet behind this new creation lies a much older Welsh tradition that stretches back into the early history of Britain. This video course introduces the original source texts for the Taliesin tradition, one of the oldest living myths of the Celtic nations.

Each of the 6 chapters takes a look at one of the main strands in the Welsh Taliesin tradition, considering how its mythology evolved and speculating on how it was used at different periods in Welsh history. Using original texts from the most reliable editions, the course focusses on interpreting the different poems associated with Taliesin.

A new video will be emailed to you every day. Each video is accompanied by a question that you can answer and a space for you to ask a question of your own. Answers and questions will be discussed every Monday night, 7:30pm UK Time (Starts Sept. 9th) on the Celtic Source Facebook Page. Details and links will be sent during the course.


Welsh musician and some kind of an academic.

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