Story 1: He Lives Upstairs

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An old man recollects the steps of his life in a flooded world.

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About the author . . .

Mary-Ann Constantine

Mary-Ann Constantine works on Romantic period Welsh literature, in both Welsh and English, at Aberystwyth University and has published widely in these fields since 1996. She has held a succession of Research Fellowships in the Welsh Department in the University of Aberystwyth. Her short stories have appeared over a number of years in the New Welsh Review and Planet and her first collection, The Breathing, was published by Planet in 2008. Her second collection, All the Souls, was published by Seren in spring 2013. Her most recent mystery novel Star-Shot was published by Seren in 2015. 

You can find books by Mary-Ann Constantine on the Seren Books website.

A few words on the story and how we made the recording . . .