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Taliesin Origins + 4 Taliesin Lectures

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If you enjoyed the Taliesin Origins video course and you’d like to have a copy of the audio and transcripts, you can now buy the audiobook and eBook versions. The eBook also contains the different texts, references and slides I used in the video course, something you can return to time and again in the future.

4 Taliesin Lectures takes the next step on the journey into the Taliesin myth, presenting further interpretations of the material covered in Taliesin Origins, and introducing new texts and sources. These online lectures were recorded in 2018 for students with a special interest in furthering their understanding of the Welsh sources for the mythical Taliesin. The series covers:

  • the more important poems from The Book of Taliesin;
  • the works of other famous Welsh bards in the tradition;
  • how Taliesin relates to other myths, including stories fromThe Mabinogion;
  • tracing some of Taliesin’s cultural lineages back to the Iron Age and Roman Britain.

This series is a perfect addition for anyone who’s completed Taliesin Origins and wants to take a deeper look at some of the themes covered.

The 4 lectures are:

  1. The Transformations of Taliesin. (65 minutes)
  2. Dreaming Landscapes. (56 minutes)
  3. The Fortress of Immortals. (62 minutes)
  4. Once Dead, Now Alive. (64 Minutes)

Each lecture comes with its own full colour handout that includes all of the texts, sources, references, maps and objects discussed.


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