New course at Siop Cynfelyn, Tre’r Ddol 24.6.15

A 4 week course held every Wednesday evening at Siop Cynfelyn, Tre’r Ddol, SY20 8PN. Starts June 24th at 7:30. Please get in touch to book your place.

The course will focus on the medieval Welsh prose classic The Four Branches of the Mabinogi, a thousand year old text that was derived from an earlier, oral storytelling tradition. It will trace the lineage of certain figures and motifs back into pre-history, and suggest what the tales may have meant to a medieval audience.

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to delve deeper into these most magical stories. Gwilym was a generous and thoughtful guide who lead us through the dense and multilayered foliage of the Mabiongi with great enthusiasm and spirit!”  – Sophie Mkeand, poet

“These tales were not created for entertainment, . . . They are the remnants of the mythology of the Britons, their belief about the other world – Annwfn – and about the dealings of gods and men; the heroes of the Four Branches are characters from the pantheon of the Celtic religion of Britain . . . ” – Brynley F. Roberts

Four Branches Flier


Welsh musician and some kind of an academic.

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