Deer Stalking Sessions

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Adventures in Celtic Myth.

In old Celtic tales, when the hero goes out to hunt in the wilds, it usually means something strange is about to happen. A magical animal often leads the hunter to a fateful meeting with the mysterious powers of the land.

These magical animals are just like the stories themselves. They can lead us deep into the woods. And if we have the ability to sit still and the wit to be quiet, if we wait for our eyes to adjust to the half-light of the woods, there’s a chance we’ll witness them in all of their wild glory, dazzling us with sudden inspiration.

The Deer Stalking series is a metaphorical hunt for the white deer of Celtic mythology. I promise you nothing but to take you to where the deer sometimes graze, and if you are lucky you may indeed catch a brief glimpse. We will at the very least scare up a few inklings and disturb a few hints.

This 8-part series contains 10 hours of recorded talks and discussions and 125 pages of detailed, full-colour notes.

  1. Awen in The Book of Taliesin
  2. The Importance of Threes: A Bardic Education
  3. The Wild and Wild Men
  4. Transformations in The Book of Taliesin
  5. Dreaming the Taliesin Landscape
  6. The Welsh Craft of Poetry
  7. The Fortress of Immortals
  8. Living and Dying in The Book of Taliesin


For those of you who took part, remember you get your download free! Just get in touch if you haven’t already got your copy.


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