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Bron iawn / Almost . . .

Blwyddyn newydd dda i chi i gyd.
Er datgan yn wreiddiol bydd rhannau cyntaf y cwrs yn barod cyn diwedd 2014, yn y pen draw roedd angen blaenoriaethu’n wahanol. Ar hyn o bryd ‘dw i am geisio cael pethau’n barod cyn diwedd Mis Ionawr 2015. Cawn weld. Rhaid symud tŷ cyn hynny hefyd . . .

Happy new year to you all.
Even though I had originally intended to have the first parts of the course ready before the end of 2014, in the end I had to prioritise differently. At the moment I’m working towards the end of January 2015. We’ll see. I also have to move house before then . . .

Taliesin on TV

I’m taking part in a TV documentary that will air on BBC2 this Sunday evening (see bellow). They’ve got me reciting Taliesin poetry in a pub. They touch on the historic Taliesin’s most important patron, Urien of Rheged and what the Welsh consider to be our ‘Old North’. Could be interesting . . .


The Taliesin Tradition courses

I’m beginning a new online course this April called The Taliesin Tradition. It covers almost 1500 years of material, from the earliest Welsh poetry by the historic Taliesin, through to the mythic Taliesin and the poems attributed to him in The Book of Taliesin. We will track the development of the Taliesin myth and how it was used by the medieval bards to inform their own myth making. It will also touch briefly on the Taliesin tradition today and its presence in modern culture.

Its a similar format to the Symbolic Keys, only that I’ve extended the length of the sessions to 2 hours. For more information please visit the course page.

I’m also running a short 4 week version of the course in Tre’r Ddol (next door to Tre Taliesin) and Machynlleth. The course begins March 20th in Machynlleth and March 25th in Tre’r Ddol. Please see the fliers bellow for details:

Taliesin Tre’r Ddol seminars

Taliesin Mach seminars

A slightly extended version of the Symbolic Keys online course will also run beginning Sunday April 20th.

Awena album available for download

Awena is a collection of recent folk songs with a few older tracks thrown in for good measure. As some folks have asked for translations of some of these songs, I’ve put together an accompanying booklet with some images.  The album is available to download from my music website on this page. cover You can also listen to some of the songs here:


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