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Where did Ceridwen Chase Gwion Bach?

Hope you’re well during these difficult times. If you’re self-isolating, perhaps this video can pass the time a little for you. We can at least imagine the land, even if we can’t necessarily walk on it.

The different versions of Taliesin’s folk tale give us clues as to where the animal-transformation chase scene may have taken place. Following some interesting clues in the Welsh landscape, here’s one possible location . . .​

The Welsh Bardic Triads

I hope you’re all well at this time and that you’re prepared for these next few months. There will be challenges ahead, so make sure you have people you can turn to.

In the mean time, the Welsh Bardic Triads (‘Trioedd Ynys Prydein’) provide an index to the oral storytelling tradition of medieval Wales. They were used by bards across the centuries not only to help them remember the vast network of traditional myth and lore, but also to present a distinct vision of the ancient past.​

The Celtic ‘Otherworld’?

In this video I dive into why ​’otherworld’ is probably a misleading term when thinking of the Irish sidh or Welsh Annwfn, and what the subtle difference between the Welsh and Irish concepts could be.

Celtic Magical Elixirs

Outlining the similarities between the Welsh Tale of Taliesin and the Irish story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, in particular the very ancient concept of a magical elixir.

Awen, symbol and cauldron

In this talk, I take a look at the role of awen in creating symbolic reality and give an outline of some of the symbolic meanings that can be found in the great mythic cauldron of the Celts.

Celtic Spirituality and Cultural Appropriation

This is an old issue when it comes to Celtic culture and our historical source texts. In this video I try to unpick the position we’re currently in from the perspective of Welsh culture, and explain why I’m not necessarily taking the usual route with this field of study.