Why I’m telling this story . . .

One of the things that’s motivated this project is not so much the need to tell people about the climate crisis, but to see if we can find a new perspective on it. I think most people accept that we are at the beginning of something; the effects become more obvious every year.

But I also know that it’s easy to get used to it, to grow numb to it. I see in myself how this thing called climate change, one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced, has become background noise in my life.

So I felt I needed to turn the volume up on it again. To get it out and have a look at it. But I also knew I didn’t want to engage with it as I had done in the past. I wanted to find a new perspective on it, I wanted to change my approach to the whole issue.

I’ve always known that as a performer the very least I can do is offer a space for people to look at the climate crisis, to explore how they feel about it. Now, with the help of some brilliant authors, the Adverse Camber production company and the Welsh Arts Council, I can do that.

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